Delicious Meets Nutritious at UBAR Coffee & Acai Bowls


It’s the age old question: Should I get something healthy to eat, or something delicious? But you can have both at UBAR Coffee & Acai Bowls! You’d never guess that the colorful, fresh bowl of tangy acai, crunchy organic oats, chewy coconut, and creamy peanut butter is good for you because it’s just so utterly satisfying and scrumptious. And because variety is so important as well, UBAR Coffee & Acai Bowls has tons of base and topping combinations for you to try. Each one boasts fresh fruit, plus organic or raw ingredients for optimum nutritional power. They also have plenty of drinks to complement your bowl, from flavored teas to your favorite blended coffee drinks. And if you’re not in the mood for a bowl today, you can also opt for a hot breakfast like a flatbread or sandwich served all day. You’ll never need a chain coffee shop or café again! 

Find UBAR Coffee & Acai Bowls on Main Street, right at the intersection of University Drive. Online ordering for pick-up or delivery is quick and easy right from the website.