Customize Your Own Drink Creation at Kokee Tea


Virginia’s own Kokee Tea has grown from a small Thai bubble tea shop to a successful chain with dozens of locations across five different states. The location inside the Fair Oaks mall can help to make any shopping trip a bit sweeter. With teas brewed on a made-to-order basis, using organic cream, natural golden cane sugar, and the freshest ingredients, you can be sure to enjoy your tea, juice, or frozen drink.

Everyone has their own personal favorite, but customer favorites on the menu include the shop’s signature house milk tea, mango passionfruit smoothie, and “Rose from San Francisco” (jasmine-infused green tea with lychee and rose). Choose your sweetness level, toppings, and strength to customize any drink to your particular palate. Want to enjoy Kokee at home? Place an order for a DIY home bubble tea kit on the website and begin crafting a masterpiece in your own kitchen.