Can You Beat the Clock at Room Escape Fairfax?


Think about what scares you— a truly haunted house or a madman on the loose? Now imagine you could be trapped in one of those scenarios, but have the power to crack the case and again be free. That’s the type of high stakes, high energy fun at Room Escape Fairfax. This entertainment complex boasts an impressive 11 rooms—more options than any other escape room venue on the East Coast. There is always a new adventure to discover, or a new set of people to work with.

Escape Room Fairfax will even bring the fun to you with the mobile option, Escape Bus. All of the options make a great activity for families, friends, or colleagues, and Escape Room Fairfax has bundled packages for team building or private parties to make the experience even easier. Visit the website to get a sneak peek of the room concepts, as well as capacity and time limits for each escape. Room Escape Fairfax is located in Old Town, just a couple of quick turns off Main Street.