Find Your New Ride at The Old Bike Shop


Cycling is typically thought of as a rather expensive hobby. Between the upfront costs for a bike and other equipment and those that come with long term maintenance, the expenses quickly add up. But The Old Bike Shop in Arlington is working to make bikes more accessible to anyone with an interest.

The Old Bike Shop offers affordable buying, selling, and repair options for all your bicycling needs. Whether you are just getting started and want to pick up a refurbished bike, you need to get some repairs done on your existing bike, or you’re hoping to sell the bicycle taking up space in your parents’ garage, you’ll find what you need at The Old Bike Shop. They even clean, disinfect, and sanitize all bikes before re-selling!

The team at the bike shop explains that their goal is “to cater to people of all walks of life.” They’re eager to help beginners on a budget just as much as life-long enthusiasts. If you’re either one or anywhere in between, visit the shop to learn more and dive into the world of bikes and cycling. With helpful, knowledgeable staff and affordable pricing, you’ll be able to get into cycling with as much information as you need—all while sticking to your budget.