There’s More Than Just Groceries at the H Mart in Fairfax


New to the area, H-Mart is an Asian-inspired grocery store that offers international groceries, fresh produce, and a large food court featuring prepared foods.

The market is huge — shoppers say you should budget at least an hour for exploring the store and trying the numerous samples staff hand out. You’ll be able to get the many staples needed to get you through the week as well as difficult-to-find Asian specialties, including kim chi, thai soy sauce, marinated meat for Korean BBQ, and more. There’s also a bakery, a pharmacy, and a large selection of frozen foods, including spring rolls, won-tons, and dumplings.

If you stop by H Mart, you have to come hungry and hit up the large food court, which is the highlight of the market for many locals. The court has numerous stalls featuring different styles of authentic Korean food and offers a rare opportunity to enjoy numerous types of authentic food all in one spot. Try Gangdam-style hot dogs (a favorite of many), ramen, and topokki, or get some food from Paris Baguette, a famous chain in Seoul. There’s also a kids’ area in the food court to keep your little ones occupied.

The market was very busy when it opened back in October, but crowds have died down and parking is relatively easy. It is open every day from 8:30 a.m. until 10 p.m.