Try the Hong Kong-Style Desserts at Iron Ice


Have you ever heard of a puffle? If not, you’re in for a treat at Iron Ice in Centreville — quite literally! Puffles are Hong Kong-style egg waffles that pair perfectly with creamy ice cream and unique toppings. Similar to the beloved waffle cone, the puffle is crispy, yet light and fluffy inside and wrapped into a cone shape to hold all your favorite flavors. If the puffle is intimidating at first, Iron Ice has a few flavors that you might be familiar with, like the mint chocolate with a chocolate puffle, mint chip ice cream, chocolate chips, Andes mint chips, topped with a chocolate drizzle. You can also craft your own creations with six puffle flavors, fifteen ice cream options, over thirty toppings and four tasty drizzles.

Beyond puffles, Iron Ice serves up Taiwanese shaved ice, chillers with fruit and lime, milkshakes, as well as a variety of teas. If you’re craving something cold and sweet, know you’ll be satisfied after a visit to Iron Ice.