Craft Beer Lovers Won’t Want to Miss Caboose Commons


If your least favorite part of drinking craft beer is trying to flag down a bartender to order a pint, Caboose Commons has solved this problem for you. Just grab a table and scan the QR code affixed to it using your smartphone. Then you’ll be able to order a drink from the bar, and a server will drop it off right at your table.

It’s super easy to order The Fog IPA, a New England-style IPA infused with citrusy flavors, or the Vanilla Bean Hobo Imperial Stout, which tastes like vanilla, molasses, and roasted coffee. Earlier in the day, you can also order actual cups of coffee using the QR code. Caboose Commons serves as a cafe in the morning, then transforms into a craft beer bar each afternoon. If you want to grab some food, you’ll have to place your order with a server—but dishes like the oven-baked mac and cheese are well worth the effort.