Sweat Out Stress at Bikram Yoga Centreville


If you've wanted to try hot yoga classes, Bikram Yoga Centreville offers up a variety of options. There's the classic Bikram yoga, distinguished by the extreme heat (105 degrees). The high temp helps your body to bend more deeply into Bikram yoga's signature 26 postures and may also increase your ability to sweat out toxins along the way. Come to this 90-minute session when you want to sweat and build strength.

If you're looking for a slightly less challenging class, try Vinyasa yoga. The room is still heated, but only to 85 or 90 degrees. The class also lasts 60 minutes instead of 90, so it won't be quite as grueling. However, the pace of the class is faster and you'll transition quickly from one asana to the next, increasing the cardio element of class. Barkan Vinyasa blends both Bikram and Vinyasa into one up-tempo class, heated to about 95 or 100 degrees, so only attempt this class when you feel solid in your practice.

Public Domain/Pixabay/lograstudio