Plan Your Next Happy Hour at Blue Iguana


Make a stop at Blue Iguana on your way home from work and you'll find yourself in one of Fairfax's most popular happy hours. The drink specials are what initially draw people in, but Blue Iguana also offers a large number of food options for just $5, which keep folks around a bit longer than drinks alone would.

Grab yourself a beer and pair it with an order of chipotle burger sliders and fries, or choose a margarita to sip alongside a hearty plate of beef chili nachos. Bacon and jalapeno mac and cheese, buffalo wings, and chicken quesadillas are just a few of the other options available. Whatever you order, however, the real pleasure of happy hour at Blue Iguana is the ability to sit back and relax with friends, so be sure you call a few buddies to meet you here!