Pick Up Fresh Baked Goods and Hot Coffee at My Favorite Muffin


My Favorite Muffin is the best of both a high volume chain café and a friendly, neighborhood bakery. The baked goods are fresh and delicious, featuring not only the namesake muffins, but bagels, breads, and more.

Stop in for a hot cup of coffee and a baked good, or turn that fresh bread or bagel into a scrumptious breakfast or lunch sandwich. The atmosphere in the shop in clean and cozy, and a nice place to sit and enjoy your food as your schedule allows. My Favorite Muffin also specializes in catering, whether you’re stopping in for a breakfast box and coffee to go on your way to work, or need boxed lunches and a mini muffin tray. And there is no sweeter gift than their gift baskets and tins, complete with muffins, gourmet candies, hot drink mixes, and more.