Baristas at De Clieu Coffee and Sandwich Craft Java the Way It’s Meant to Be Made


According to the minds behind De Clieu Coffee and Sandwich, there's really only one path to perfect coffee. It begins by sourcing the very best beans, which is why this cafe works with Intelligentsia Coffee to bring customers java from sustainably-operating African and Indonesian farms. The next step is roasting the beans in small batches to bring forth full, bold flavors. After that, the beans should be freshly ground and directed right into the French press, which retains more of those flavors compared to other brewing methods.

When these steps are followed, success is achieved. And since this is how baristas approach every cup of coffee and espresso at De Clieu, you can always expect the perfect pour, whether you order a creamy nitro-infused cold brew on a warm day or a pumpkin pie latte after autumn rolls in. Complement your cup of coffee with a breakfast sammy or, for lunch, a Caprese, chicken salad, or ham and cheese sandwich.

Public Domain/Pixabay/0102oxy