Scratch-Made, Specialty Donuts Await at Texas Donuts


Back when Texas Donuts began in 2002, it was actually located in its namesake state. That's where the donut-makers mastered their craft, shaping donuts from scratch and baking them fresh each morning. In the years since, Texas Donuts has relocated twice—first to Oklahoma, and then up to Virginia, which is why you can now enjoy these Southern donuts on your way to work.

Centreville's Texas Donuts still doles out the same fluffy, scratch-made that made the original location famous, including the massive Texas donut. This treat leans into the slogan, "Everything is bigger in Texas." It's large enough to cover an entire plate, and it's embellished with your choice of plain glaze, chocolate frosting, or frosting and sprinkles. Texas Donuts also offers many other specialty treats, so there's something to suit every sweet tooth.