Try a Unique Style of Asian Dining at 99°c Hot Pot


Just over a month ago 99°c Hot Pot opened its doors, and it's been packed with happy Fairfax diners ever since. What's the draw? Well, it's the unique, participatory nature of a traditional hot pot meal.

You'll start by choosing a couple of broth bases for the table. Yelp reviewers suggest trying something spicy and something mild to ensure that everyone at the table is happy. You'll then choose whatever combination of meats, veggies, noodles, and dumplings you like. Once they're brought to your table, you'll dunk them into the broth until they're cooked exactly to your liking. Because eating in this style is fun and interactive, 99°c Hot Pot has proved to be popular with families, and regulars report that the staff is very patient and accommodating of children's particular needs.