Enjoy a Cold, Refreshing Boba Tea at Kokee Tea


Relax the day away at your new neighborhood café, Kokee Tea. With wholesome, handcrafted tea drinks, smoothies and coffee, you’ll feel as at home here with a group of friends chatting as you would with a good book and a few hours to kill.

Warm up with a hot cup of jasmine tea and a tasty snack from the pastry counter. You’ll definitely want to sample one of the signature Boba teas, a cold tea drink with pearls of jelly floating at the bottom. If you’ve never had Boba tea before, you can’t miss it! A unique drink and snack all in one, this popular Asian beverage comes with combinations like strawberry-mango, winter melon-honey and lychee-aloe. There are so many different drinks to try and customize to your liking at Kokee Tea, this might just become your new go-to neighborhood hangout.

Public Domain/Pixabay/unsplash