DIY Your Décor With These Fun, Festive Holiday Projects


If you're looking to spruce up your apartment (no pun intended!) this holiday season, DIY projects are the best way to go. Here are a few of our favorite winter DIY décor ideas that look great no matter the size of your home.

  • Handmade Garlands. Garland isn't just for the Christmas tree, and it doesn't always have to be made of tinsel, either! Make your own festive garland out of pom poms, tassels or even burlap scraps and string lights to decorate any empty space in your home.
  • A Book-Lover's Tree. If you're an avid reader with stacks and stacks of books lying around, use them to create this creative DIY tree! You can even decorate it with a string of lights just like you would a real evergreen.
  • An Alternative Tree. No room for a life-sized tree in your apartment? Use these space-saving tips for crafting your own holiday tree by adhering branches to the wall, making a Star of David out of string lights or even creating a wall decal tree out of stray buttons, ornaments and stickers.
  • An Ornament Vase. Decorate a bare contertop or mantle with a large, clear vase filled with colorful glass ornaments.
  • Persimmon Branches. Go old-school with your holiday decorations by hanging a branch of persimmons on a door handle, mantle or over a kitchen window.
  • Recycled Evergreen Trimmings. If you bought a live tree this year, use the trimmed branches to decorate other areas of your home. Stick a few in a vase, use them to make a wreath or even trim your front door with an evergreen garland.